3rd International Fisheries Symposium "Shaping Fisheries and Aquaculture Today for a Healthier Tomorrow"( IFS 2013) 

  Event Date : Nov. 28 - Nov. 30, 2013
  Submission Deadline : Aug. 01, 2013
  Eastern Convention Center, Ambassador City Jomtien, Pattaya

  Website : http://www.ifs2013.kasetsart.org/
  The theme of the IFS 2013 is “Shaping Fisheries and Aquaculture Today for a Healthier Tomorrow”. It is well recognized that fisheries and aquaculture play an important role in sustaining food security and supporting the income and livelihoods of the poor in Asia and many developing countries. Thailand and Southeast Asian countries have become the world’s top producers of shrimp and other seafood. However, rapid increase of world population as well as deterioration of the environment and overexploitation has depleted fishery resources throughout the region. As demands for fish and shellfish continue to grow, aquaculture production must increase to maintain the availability of seafood supply and to reduce fishing pressure. At the same time, there is urgent need for more effective management and fishing policies to restore and sustain the resource, in particular, the coastal fisheries which dominated by small-scale fishers. The rapid expansion of aquaculture also increases the ...

  Organized by : Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University.