Event Date : 2018-05-17 - 2018-05-18

Submission Deadline : 2018-01-15

Venue : Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand

Website : http://icbir.tni.ac.th/2018/

Nowadays, various technologies are researched and developed in order to fulfill the needs of Industry 4.0 or Fourth Industrial Revolution. Faced with these new major challenges, it is necessary to rethink many areas of industrial production systems and implement numerous transformations. There are several important functions to enhance the efficiency of this advanced manufacturing, those are modern business strategy, digital transformation technology, communication, data science and so on. This conference provides an opportunity for faculty members, researchers and students who have involved with these areas to get together for sharing their achievement. The participants will discuss and exchange opinions to realize smart technologies for next generation of industry regarding to informatics, engineering, business and social sciences.

The topics for 2018 conference is “Smart Technologies for Next Generation of Informatics, Engineering, Business and Social Sciences” which are including but not limited to the following areas:

Track 1: Education, Language and Social Science

- Modern Teaching and Learning Methodologies,

- Education System Management,

- Language Efficiency Improvement Strategy

- Social Sciences

- Others related topics


Track 2: Information and Communication Technology

- Digital and Multimedia Technology

- Computer Networks Performance

- Networks and Cyber Security

- Data Science and Analytics

- Business Intelligence and Technology

- Web Technology and Mobile Applications

- Other related topics


Track 3: Sciences and Engineering

- Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

- Computer Vision and Image Processing

- Production and Automotive Engineering

- Embedded System Architecture

- Electrical Power Systems

- Other related topics


Track 4: Business Administration

- Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

- Innovation in Public Administration

- Organizational Behavior

- Banking & Risk Management

- Finance & Accounting

- Marketing

- Management

- Tourism


- Other related topics

Organized by : Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology