Event Date : 2020-11-11 - 2020-11-12

Submission Deadline : 2020-07-31


Website : http://www.bec.nu.ac.th/becic2020/

Nowadays, modernity and technology play an important role in strengthening and increasing convenience for the people, the economy, and society. Additionally, the expectations in the digital economy influence the connection in a variety of digital systems which lead to the speed, save time, and efficiency as well as business competition—including small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large businesses. As can be seen, any business that has not moved to the digital or adapted to digital to increase competitiveness will gradually disappear. On the contrary, the digital economy is a powerful compass for business in various fields to proceed prudently and rapidly.


The faculty of Business, Economics, and Communications (BEC), Naresuan University, sees the significance of such technology. Therefore, organizing the 8th Business, Economics and Communications International Conference, 2020 (BECIC2020) in the theme of “Business Creativity and Innovation in the Age of Transformation” creates new knowledge and disseminating research results in the stated areas to further develop academics, economics, and society, as well as other related fields. This also supports the research results to be distributed to the public for greater benefits.


Last but not least, BECIC2020 is a forum to exchange experiences of experts from leading institutions who have a good reputation in society both domestically and abroad. Likewise, the conference creates a collaborative research network from both public and private higher education institutions along with universities from foreign countries, such as the United States, England, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, and the People’s Republic of China.


The scope of this year’s international conference (The 8th BECIC 2020) is focused on “Digital Knowledge and Business Innovation: Driving to the Future”, an area which is hugely significant when constructing business strategy and to ensuring competitiveness of firms, as well as opening the window for firms to challenge all over the globe. The theme posits that Business Challenges in the Digital Economy are the main drivers to stimulate the engagement of all firms or organizations to perform business under innovative and technological leading, and competitively drive rapid and robust change in a number of aspects of firms or organizations. There are three presentation tracks and lists of topics provided for you.


Group 1 Business & Management

- Business Administration

- Human Resources Management

- Organization Management

- Product/Operation Management

- Organization Behavior

- Business Development

- Public Sector Management

- Strategic Business Management

- International Management

- Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

- Marketing

- E-business/E-commerce

- Industrial Relations

- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

- Project Risk Management


Group 2 Economics and Finance

- Micro/Macro Economics

- Business Economics

- Econometrics

- Investment

- International Business/Trade

- International Relations

- Corporate Governance

- Finance/Banking

- Risk Management

- Digital Banking


Group 3 Accounting

- Financial Accounting

- Management Accounting

- Auditing, Internal Auditing

- Accounting Information System

- Tax Accounting


Group 4 Communications

- Communications Management

- Mass Communications

- Communications Arts

- Information Communication Technology


Group 5 Tourism

- Tourism Management

- Hospitality Management

- Destination Management & Marketing

- World Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage Management

- Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE)

- Inter-Organizational Dynamics (e.g., Mergers and Acquisitions Joint Venture Strategic Alliances Competitive Strategies) in the Tourism Sector

- Tourism Marketing

- Urban and Regional Tourism Planning

- Tourism Policies

- Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Development

- ICT and Tourism


Group 6 Information Technology

- Artificial Intelligence

- Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Design

- Computer Networks and Communications

- Computer Science Applications

- Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

- Hardware and Architecture

- Human-Computer Interaction

- Information Systems

- Business Applications

-Information Technology and Innovation

- Information System Management



Group 7 Others

Organized by : Faculty of Business, Economics and Communications, Naresuan University