Event Date : 2020-11-19 - 2020-11-21

Submission Deadline : 2020-08-01

Venue : Bangkok, Thailand + Anywhere on Earth

Website : http://www.csbio.org/2020/#cfp

THEME: Innovation with AI and Cognitive Computing

With the advancement in next-generation molecular technology in generating the high-throughput “omics” data, life science has come to the era of “big data”. To extract biological knowledge from the data and translate it into benefits for society (e.g. better medicine and healthcare), novel and advanced computational tools are needed for data analysis. The current trends are to leverage AI and application of cognitive computing that combines domain knowledge with machine learning.

Call for Papers

The call for paper targets contribution in the field of computational approaches designed to face the challenges aroused by biological systems. It aims at giving an overview of the cutting-edge methods and tools to address biological systems. A Special Session on COVID-19 Health, Analytics, and Technologies (CHAT-2020) will provide an opportunity for global research linkages and experience sharing.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Adaptive computation in bioinformatics

Bio-data visualization

Bio-inspired computing

Biological network reconstruction and analysis

Biomarker discovery

Computational systems biology

Coronavirus disease

Disease classification

DNA, RNA and protein sequence analysis

Drug discovery and validation



Formal validation of biological systems

Functional genomics

Gene expression analysis

Health informatics

Human-centric applications

Medical and biomedical informatics

Metagenomics data analysis

Modeling and simulation of biological processes, pathways, etc.

Molecular evolution and phylogeny

Next-generation and Third-generation sequencing

Parallel and distributed computing for life science

Population genetics

Proteomics & other omics

Protein folding

Translational bioinformatics

Organized by : School of Information Technology, KMUTT